Future Alabaster's Logan

Logan is our resident marshmallow!  He greets everyone with a teddy bear in his mouth.  He loves his belly rubbed by anyone with a spare hand.  He would live in the water if he could.  This handsome boy weighs in over 100 pounds.  Even though he was born back on January 15, 2009, he is still all puppy.  He boasts a pedigree filled with many champions.




Brigham's Little Lucy

Lucy is our baby.  She was born June 15, 2014

and is out of our Stella and by an impressive

champion named Zinfindel Brigham.  She is so

full of herself and has so much confidence at such

an early age.  Talk about loving water...She tries to climb in her water bucket on a daily baiss.




Just Labs Gracie Marie

She is the wild child of the bunch.  Boundless energy and the happiest girl ever.  She is the first one to greet you and will drop and roll over for a belly rub whenever anyone gets within three feet of her.  Such a pleasure to own this girl.  Gracie was born March 12, 2010 and has the most impressive pedigree!!





Future's Little Stella

This girl has the sweetest personality.  She has big brown eyes that will melt your heart.  She is the calm one of the group and is always willing to give up a toy to her kennel buddies.  She was born June 17, 2010 from strong English bloodlines.  Her pedigree is filled with many champions.



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